The State of Mobile Learning Infographic

The State of Mobile Learning Infographic

iPad Dominate Education Market

  • 95% of tablets in the US education system are iPads.
  • More than 7 million iPads have been purchased for student by US educational institutions.
  • Apple raked in $1 billion in education sales for the first time at the end of last year.

Apps in Education

  • Udacity has announced a new NanoDegree program, which will cost $200 a month, take up to a year to complete, and will train graduates to become web developers, IOS developers, or data analysts.
  • Coursera is, by some measures, the largest Massive Open Online Course platform, boasting 2.2 million enrolled users from 190 countries.
Countries Investing in EdTech
  • The No1 ranked country in math and reading had high-speed broadband connectivity in all of its schools, and all teachers are trained in digital learning. South Korea plans to phase out printed textbook by 2016.
  • Turkey aims to supply its students with 10 Million tablets by 2015.
  • Thailand’s government plans to supply 13 Million tablets by 2015.

Smartphones – The 2nd Most Popular Educational Platform for Kids

  • 61% Television
  • 38% Mobile Device
  • 34% Computer
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