Simple Guide To Improving Online Course Retention And Completion Rates

Simple Guide To Improving Online Course Retention And Completion Rates

Simple Guide To Improving Online Course Retention And Completion Rates—Infographic

Increase Interactivity

Apply video-based learning:

  • Self-record videos
    Pro: Enhance the presence of the lectures.
    Con: Suitable for long but not complicated content.
  • Live-action videos
    Pro: Bring realistic aspects and experience to the lessons.
    Con: High production cost.
  • Animations
    Pros: Explain complex and abstract topics in an interesting way. Have characters in real context.
    Cons: Storytelling method and voice-over help connect learners to the lessons but they can distract learners from learning if used wrong.

Create and join a chatroom to respond to learners' questions. Don't leave learners alone, communicate with them. Act as a coordinator to keep the group active.

Add interesting resources or personal stories related to the lesson. Diverse your learning materials with interesting stories. Involve an experiential story to attract and engage students.

Support and provide accessibility when students need it. The learners' support center is always active and provides useful advice. Have an online assistant who is willing to help students personally.

Increase Motivation


Let learners assess your course to drive them to actively discover it by themselves.

Tips for creating an effective course assessment:

  • The assessment needs to be consistent with the study.
  • Use a wide range of assessments for different learning.
  • The assessment should have all levels of questions.


Make learning engaging by adding fun elements to motivate learners.

Tips to engage your students in eLearning:

  • Optimize multimedia, especially animation
  • Break down content into bite-sized pieces
  • Add personalization
  • Use engaging videos as learning material to inspire learners and stimulate hands-on experience.
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