How Samsung Transforms Learning Infographic

How Samsung Transforms Learning Infographic

How Samsung Transforms Learning Infographic

As the rapid trend of innovation continues among smart devices, learning environments are also changing its form. Smart devices and software facilitate students to participate in class more actively. Moreover, teachers can lead classes and manage their educational resources more easily. The How Samsung Transforms Learning Infographic gives you a picture of how Samsung is bringing new digital learning experiences into the classrooms.

The Next Generation Classroom

Rapid advances in the technology industry are bringing new opportunities for schools and teachers to find innovative tools to enable the next-generation classroom. Today's tech-savvy K-12 pupils have grown up with electronic devices. They’ are "digital natives”. As a result, they're more responsive to technology and better engaged in the learning experience when these tools are part of their classroom environment. School districts are responding, and approximately three-quarters of the school systems in the U.S. have adopted mobile technology or will adopt it within the next year.

From Passive to Participatory

Research shows that students learn most through interactivity. According to a study by IDC, integrated solutions that put tools such as screen and content sharing,instant polling and group surveys, and remote device management directly into the hands of students and teachers via tablets provide the means to keep students engaged and improve classroom management and collaboration.

New smart devices and software enable this collaboration by providing:

  • an engaging personalized learning experience
  • rich digital content that encourages students to participate
  • collaboration between teachers to share and create better teaching materials
The Evolution of the Interactive Classroom

IDC believes school education is at an inflection point as classrooms embed technology into the core learning processes and we evolve toward the interactive classroom. Realizing the potential benefits that mobile devices and interactive tools offer in the classroom, Samsung created the Samsung School solution, which focuses entirely on the learning environment. effective administration, so teachers can monitor students’ activities and progress, as well as maintain their attention in the classroom.

Samsung Education Solutions
  • Samsung School helps boost student retention rates by providing an interactive learning environment where students actively participate in the lesson. Students become more engaged in the subject matter with hands-on experience and collaboration in the classroom. Samsung School solution is an interactive management tool for leading class lessons and managing educational resources, including apps.
  • Samsung SMART Signage with Magic IWB (Interactive White Board) provides exciting options for information sharing in the classroom environment.
  • Robust and portable Samsung tablets enable students to access and share educational content virtually anywhere, anytime.
  • Samsung Chromebooks feature fast performance, long battery life and a classroom-friendly design enhanced by a durable, soft touch coating.
  • Smart-School Mobile Print solution provides convenient, secure mobile printing and scanning for efficient document sharing.
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