Getting At-Risk Students to Graduation Infographic

Getting At-Risk Students to Graduation Infographic

Getting At-Risk Students to Graduation: Intervention Solutions

We know 20 to 25 percent of all students in the general education classroom struggle, even after high-quality core instruction. They need something extra, above and beyond the core curriculum and instruction, to ensure the best chance for graduating. Intervention curriculum programs are proven to drive achievement for struggling students. Catch them up, prevent them from slipping behind, and accelerate achievement so students can join the regular classroom and schools can be removed from the low-performing list.

Your school’s RTI helps struggling students in targeted groups and special populations. Explore the 11 essential ingredients for a comprehensive RTI curriculum today, for closing achievement gaps and turning around students’ below-grade performance. By applying 11 elements of RTI, educators can better deliver the higher-level thinking skills and academic performance required by newly increased rigor and higher expected learning outcomes. Compare your RTI actions with each Element’s quick checklist and explore current resources for lifting the achievement of students who face special challenges every day.

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