Recipe for Tasty & Effective Training Content Infographic

Recipe for Tasty & Effective Training Content Infographic

Recipe for Tasty & Effective Training Content Infographic

CPD takes many forms; whether it’s to build on the skills and customer service of employees or to keep them up-to-date with new campaigns, you can enhance their learning experience with tasty training content. Here is the recipe!

  • Take a subject expert: Optimum elearning content should be created with industry experts.
  • Add a handful of content designers: An outstanding team uses the latest tech and trends to produce engaging modules.
  • Next blend in some eye-catching infographics: 65% of us are visual learners and the combination of striking graphics with concise text allows better recall and retrieval.
  • Pour in some interactive videos: Condensed chunks of interactive video can be very effective, especially for ‘how to’ demonstrations. Appropriate visual cues trigger emotions, which increases engagement.
  • Now drop in some gamification elements: Studies show gamifying elearning increases engagement by making it fun and competitive.
  • Add a teaspoon of interactivity: Adding a quiz or survey keeps trainees interested and provides important feedback.
  • Blend everything precisely and serve!

70% of employees say top quality CPD training is a reason to stay in the job. Top-notch eLearning content both motivates and develops problem-solving skills.

Compliance Training

Scenario-based health & safety training that’s relevant to the individual will be far more effective than a blanket approach.

Induction Training

Wow your new employees with some inspiring induction content, showing them why they made the right choice.

Product Knowledge

Your sales and marketing teams will quickly become product gurus with our eLearning content.

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