What Is Rapid eLearning Development?

What is Rapid eLearning Development?

What Is Rapid eLearning Development?—Infographic

Rapid eLearning is:

  • A solution for the quick conversion of existing classroom training (in digital format) to eLearning.
  • A solution for the rapid development of online courses, using rapid authoring tools.
  • A quick, responsive learning solution.
  • The best way to create content that needs to be consumed quickly.
  • A time-saving option. It provides ready-made templates for GUI, assessments, games, and many simple interactivities.
  • The perfect solution for content that requires constant updates and interactivities, compliance training, and sales training.
  • A solution for the rapid translation of courses, such as performance support, that need to go out to a global workforce.
Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-development/what-is-rapid-elearning-infographic
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