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Raising a Genius in the Mobile Era Infographic

Raising a Genius in the Mobile Era Infographic

The Internet and Mobile revolutionized education. From Education 1.0 in the XXth century and over Education 2.0 on the edge of millenniums, today we enter the era of Education 3.0. Kids and teenagers are the ones who have the first-hand experience of how everything is changing. Only yesterday they were forced to leave their hi-tech gadgets at the classroom door, and today schools provide them with smartphones and tablets as well as introduce programs of online learning for kids for a broad range of subjects.

Moreover, with easily available mobile devices and countless educational websites and apps, education becomes something modern children walk around with in our pocket. Parents should take advantage of the opportunities that Education 3.0 provides for their kids’ good. Check out the Raising a Genius in the Mobile Era Infographic to find out 10 best ways to use smartphones and tablets for educational purposes in schools and at home. Also, don’t miss out the list of the finest learning apps and web resources that will help you to raise a real genius.

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