How To Promote Your eLearning Program Infographic

How To Promote Your eLearning Program Infographic

How To Promote Your eLearning Program Infographic

Marketing is no longer a dirty word in eLearning. In fact, now it is not even an option. As eLearning designers, you have to take your courses to your audience and convince them of their value. Else there are just 0-5 percent chances that they will take them. So the time has come for you to double up as a marketer. The How To Promote Your eLearning Program Infographic presents some smart marketing tips to make your courses fly off the blocks.

1. Know your audience better than you know yourself.

The first rule of marketing: Create buyer personas. This rule applies for eLearning too. You shouldn’t start creating an eLearning course without knowing exactly who your learner audience is.

2. Tease your learners.

Teasers catch learner attention and excite them more than marketing messages because the former gives a taste of the actual product. A well-designed teaser not only wows the audience but also leaves no room for doubt in their minds about the relevance of the program.

3. Enlist the support of influencers and evangelists.

It is natural for us for us to trust the recommendations made by a trusted acquaintance than believing in a marketing message sent out by an unknown entity. So it is good for the chances of your eLearning program if it comes recommended by those whose opinion matter in your company.

4. Nail down your brand identity.

Your brand identity is your personality, and it should lay bare everything that your audience wants to know about your eLearning program to trust your message and take your courses.

5. Leverage the power of email marketing, blogs, and newsletters.

Emails, blogs, and newsletters are powerful marketing tools to not only help you promote your eLearning program but also stay on top of the learners’ minds. Create effective email campaigns, sticky blog posts, and newsletter that audiences can’t wait to read.

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