14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share

14 Essential Skills Professional Translators Share Infographic

Professional translators must have some skills that help them saving time and power starting with the fluency in writing, speaking and listening to the native and the secondary language. and strong cultural knowledge in their language. Working as a part of a team while overseeing tasks, and having the organization skills aid them in balancing multiple projects or parts. The other skill is to the knowledge of the translation field and it's processed aware of the factors that make quality possess good working skills, editing, and proofreading, and translators should be open to constructive feedback and values building relationships with clients also have excellent time management skills furthermore using technology.

14 Essential Professional Translators Skills

  1. Fluency and advanced writing, speaking, and listening skills in native and secondary-language(s).
  2. Attention to detail and observant.
  3. Have strong background knowledge of the culture that corresponds to their language specialty.
  4. Comfortable working as part of a team while overseeing tasks.
  5. Possess great organizational skills that aid in balancing multiple projects or parts.
  6. Have working knowledge of the translation field and its professional processes and possess good working skills.
  7. Aware of the factors that make a quality translated piece.
  8. Have the ability to proofread and edit rapidly without sacrificing quality.
  9. Have excellent time management skills.
  10. Open to getting and using constructive feedback.
  11. Value building trusting relationships with clients.
  12. Good command of using technology devices and various software.
  13. Open and able to quickly master new software as needed.
  14. Constantly seek out opportunities to learn new language and cultural facts.
Via: https://dubailegaltranslations.com/2019/01/13/14-essential-skills-professional-translators-share/
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