5 Ways to Procrastinating Now Infographic

5 Ways to Procrastinating Now Infographic

5 Ways to Procrastinating Now Infographic

So you have been finishing your work on time, spending quality time with your family, keeping your boss and peers happy? What’s wrong with you! It’s time to Start Procrastinating Now! This infographic will help you perform poorly at work and shake up your perfect work/life balance.

Look Up Definitions of Words

Looking up the definition of words using Google, especially words you already know can really help to keep you from doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing, unless you are supposed to be looking up the definitions of words you already know, in which case, move directly to the next item in this list. Otherwise, otherwise is defined as in circumstances different from those present or considered.

The Internet is a great source of procrastination, and remember that you do not need to limit yourself to just one search engine. See what the top hits are for the same key words on different search platforms. Does changing the word order of your search change the results?

Worry About Things You Have No Control Over

Nothing (other than an earthquake, or a tornado, or a backlog by one of your suppliers, or a sudden political revolution) helps to keep you from doing what you need to do other than worrying about things that you have no control over, like an earthquake, or a tornado, or a backlog by one of your suppliers, or a political revolution. Fixate on the negative until you are completely paralyzed, which will effectively make it impossible for you to tackle things that you can accomplish. Making it impossible to accomplish things, while it may not be technically procrastination, may be tantamount to procrastination, especially if it is accomplished by leaving things so late that you can not accomplish anything. Worries, and fear of failure, are the keys to successful procrastination.

Start Procrastinating Now!

Do not wait. If you wait to start procrastinating you may find that you have already done everything you need to do, and so there is nothing to postpone. Without time-sensitive things to do left undone, procrastination becomes pointless and unnecessary. Do not leave it to the last minute either, as someone else might pick up the slack and finish off that last little thing. Make sure you start procrastinating while there is a huge amount of things that need doing, limiting the likelihood that someone else will step up and take responsibility. If you fear someone might pick up your dropped ball, be sure to ensure them that you are on it, and that they do not need to worry about it, leaving you to leave it undone.

Be Easily Overwhelmed

The easier it is for you to be overwhelmed, the more likely it is that you will delay what you need to do rather than face your responsibilities. Bite off more than you can chew whenever you open your mouth. Take on others’ workload, and then resent and complain about it. Resist help from those who offer it. Never delegate, or if you must, make sure to micromanage every action they take. Allow your emotions to overrule your intellect whenever possible, and focus on feeding any feelings of victimization you may have. Set impossible goals for yourself, and blame others whenever you fail to live up to your overinflated expectations of yourself.

Distractions Distractions Distractions Angry Birds

Seek out and obsess on any and all distractions. Count the number of times the letter ‘s’ appears in this paragraph. Video games are a great way to procrastinate. That next level is not going to complete itself!

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