Presentation Lessons From Theater Infographic

Presentation Lessons From Theater Infographic

Presentation Lessons From Theater Infographic

Finding it difficult to entertain the crowd and convince them to listen through your entire pitch? It might  be time to make a few adjustments to build connections and promote better engagement. Add a bit of extra effort to make it possible. How, you ask? The Presentation Lessons From Theater Infographic will help you discover your greatest potential: to be the best performer onstage!

For one thing, using space matters a lot especially when giving any presentation. The audience’s ability to understand your message depends not only on carrying out detailed information and visuals, but also on how you maximize your body movements.

Imagine yourself onstage, standing stiffly with your arms at your sides, without making any gestures at all. This inaction might be enough to convince the crowd that you’re not interested with what you’re doing.

Does the lectern hinder you from moving closer to your audience? Though they come in handy as a place to keep your notes handy, lecterns act as a physical barrier between yourself and your audience. In order to build better connections with the crowd, keep away from the lectern and stay closer to them or take that stand away and start engaging the audience!

Moving around the stage not only allows you to look more dynamic and impressive, but it also gives you more freedom to use proper body movements. By not staying stiff as a board onstage, your actions make your message easier to understand, making for a better overall performance.

The Presentation Lessons From Theater Infographic created by SlideGenius shows you how theater actors maximize their stage presence to create a lasting impact on the audience.

Make Way for the Speaker

Words aren’t enough to encourage your audience to take action. You might have prepared your PowerPoint deck to convey your idea, yet failing to back it up with the right body language can only undermine your entire performance.

Whether you’re in a large hall or in a boardroom, don’t stop yourself from moving around the podium to establish connections with your listeners.Theater actors maximize their space when exchanging dialogue and interacting with the crowd because it can be effective in capturing audience’s attention and generating their interest.

No matter what the situation, content and delivery work hand in hand in getting your message across. By actively matching your words with proper body movements and staying closer to your audience, you can make them feel comfortable, enough to give you their undivided attention.

Drop your fears and take the chance to use the stage to your advantage. Give up hiding behind a lectern and start wowing the crowd with convincing moves and assertive stances.

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