5 Qualities of a Great Presenter Infographic

5 Qualities of a Great Presenter Infographic

5 Qualities of a Great Presenter Infographic

The 5 Qualities of a Great Presenter Infographic presents qualities of a skillful presenter and clues from the pros on how to deliver more engaging presentations. Also the best-selling books about public speaking.

1. Confident

This is the quality that brings power to any presentation as we can see just how important the topic is to you. Confident speakers develop their expertise by knowing their topic thoroughly.

2. Organized

If your speech is well organized, the listener can use that organization as a framework to aid in remembering your message. You can organize your presentation in a chronological order, by logic, or using the comparison approach.

3. Authentic

Being authentic means being comfortable in your own skin and willing to risk being yourself. Authentic presenters speak from experience-and the audience needs to know they have skin in the game.

4. Generous

The more you give, the more an audience can connect with you and the more they will take away. You can also be generous with your time and give away some of your company products.

5. Engaging

A good presenter is a great storyteller that takes the stories and connects them to learning points important to the audience based on the presentation content.

Quick Tips

  • Let your passion show.
  • Make them laugh.
  • Optimize your slides.
  • Use powerful visuals.
  • Simplify your messages.

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Via: http://presentationdeck.com/5-qualities-of-a-great-presenter/
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