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What Powers the Modern Classroom Infographic

What Powers the Modern Classroom Infographic

The learning environment can be as important to student success as quality instruction and course curricula. And in today’s world, that means outfitting students and teachers with the right set of resources. Devices aren’t just replacing textbooks in K–12, they’re changing how students learn in the modern classroom. Schools and districts looking to improve digital learning and classroom technology offerings first need the proper infrastructure in place to support it, including wireless networking and other critical back-end tools.

During the K–12 webinar Time for a Network Upgrade, expert Tim Landeck discussed a few of the classroom assets now found in California’s Pajaro Valley Unified School District, where he works as director of technology services.

District administrators took ample time to consider everything from the physical classroom setup to the technology that would be used by students. And although tablets, Chromebooks, charging stations and document projectors all made the final cut, Landeck particularly praised the audio distribution system that the district installed in each classroom. “It’s a wonderful technology, and a lot of research has been done to show actual student [engagement as well as achievement] increase dramatically when one of these systems is put in,” Landeck said.

Read through the What Powers the Modern Classroom Infographic to find out which tools benefit students and teachers in Pajaro Valley Unified School District, and then listen to EdTech’s free, recorded webinar to learn more about the back-end technologies that power learning.

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