The Power of Tutoring Infographic

Private tutoring has been rapidly growing in popularity across the world and is showing no signs of slowing.

The Tutoring Industry is projected to surpass the $100 billion mark by 2018

Annual Tutoring Expenses

  • South Korea 17 Billion: Nearly 90% of elementary student in South Korea receive some form of tutoring.
  • Japan 12 Billion
  • Turkey 11 Billion
  • United Kingdom 10 Billion: More than 1/4 of families in the United Kingdom use private tutors
  • India 6.5 Billion
  • United States 5 Billion: More than 1 million American students seek virtual teaching annually.
  • France 3 Billion
  • Germany 2 Billion
  • Canada 1 Billion: More than 1/3 of Canadian families used a private tutor in 2007

Part of this growth is because of the increased number of studies which have found tutoring to have a positive impact in a variety of dimensions, part of it is because of the increased competition among students and part of it is because of a waning confidence in conventional public education. Whatever the reason; the power of tutoring is an undeniable force in the education landscape.

The tutoring industry has been growing at a staggering rate but does using a private tutor actually pay off? Check The Power of Tutoring Infographic to find more.

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