Positive Behavior Solutions in the K12 Classroom Infographic

Positive Behavior Solutions in the K12 Classroom Infographic

Positive Behavior Solutions in the K12 Classroom Infographic

Discipline incidents cut in half. Improved grades. Fewer absences equal to one week of instruction for each student. In the Positive Behavior Solutions in the K12 Classroom Infographic, learn how the Alabama State Department of Education implemented a positive behaviour support (PBS) solution and improved student outcomes and school culture.

The Impact of Positive Behavior Solutions in the K12 Classroom

Student behavior and school culture can be roadblocks to student success.

  • 20% of enrolled students with extreme problem behavior account for 50% of behavioral incidents.
  • 95% of out-of-school suspensions are related to nonviolent, minor disruptions such as tardiness or disrespect.
  • Administrators spendĀ 45 minutes on average managing each disciplinary action.

Top influencers in affecting student achievement:

  • School culture
  • School climate

Two key measures of effective teaching:

  • Managing student behavior
  • Establishing a culture of learning

Teachers use various methods to manage classroom behaviour and culture. Measurement and support of classroom management methods is critical.
Teachers report a lack of support in implementing classroom management strategies. Even though effective classroom management is shown to produce a variety of positive outcomes for students.

The Alabama State Department of Education piloted a positive student behavior program with measurable results.


  • PBS/positive reinforcement solution.
  • Embedded professional learning.
  • Analytics and data services.

Partner and solutions:

  • Chalkable Learning Earnings
  • Chalkable Professional Learning
  • Chalkable Data Services

Key Findings

  1. Increase in Attendance.
  2. Increase in Learning Gains.
  3. Fewer Discipline Infractions.
  4. Sub Groups Show Significant Achievement Gains.
Via: http://www.chalkable.com/infographic-the-impact-of-positive-behavior-solutions-in-the-k-12-classroom/
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