Plagiarism in Education Infographic

The Plagiarism in Education Infographic is based on a white paper which offers a look into the web sources and writing practices of secondary and higher education students in the United States. It is based on the analysis of 128 million content matches from 33 million papers (24 million from higher education and nine million from secondary) over a one-year period.

Key findings include:

  • Secondary students rely more on social networking and content-sharing sites.
  • Higher education students rely more on paper mills and cheat sites.
  • Wikipedia is the most popular site for both groups.
  • Eight sites appear among the top ten most popular web sources for both secondary and higher education students.
  • Educators should develop specific strategies to address plagiarism.

If you are a teacher interested in checking your students’ work for copied material, you can use the list of the Top 10 FREE Plagiarism Detection Tools for Teachers.

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