Parents Helping Kids with Homework Infographic

Parents Helping Kids with Homework Infographic

Parents Helping Kids with Homework Infographic

Helping kids with home assignments appears to be dogmatic in the US educational system. Thus, many working parents face some troubles, but are still active in their kids’ studying lives. The Parents Helping Kids with Homework Infographic presents some directives of the US educational system on how parents should help their kids with homework. Let’s see what they’ve found out!

Facts and Stats

  • 43% of parents help kids with homework
  • 53% of them do it every day a
  • 47% of dads
  • 39% of moms
  • English and Math are the most popular subjects parents help kids with.
  • Younger parents care less about their kids’ homework, while elder ones pay more attention to the children’s studies: 33% of parents aged 18-24 help kids with home assignments and 45% of parents aged 25-44 do the same.
  • 5 out of 10 parents claim that they experience troubles while helping their kids with homework
  • One in five parents said they were regularly surprised by the difficulty of the work their children brought home to complete
  • Seven out of 10 said they would spend more time helping with homework if they were more confident in their own abilities in maths and English.
  • More than nine out of 10 parents agreed that helping their children at home made a difference to their academic achievements at school.
  • 2% of parents say that they’ ve never helped their kids with homework
  • 31,6% of parents say their kids refuse to get help from them
  • 21% of parents say they are too busy
  • 45,5% say they don’t understand the material
  • 1 out of 6 families does all the homework for its kids
  • Students with two active-in-studies parents are happy at school 52% more than the ones with two passive parents.
  • On average, students with active-in-studies parents get A’s 51% more than the ones with two passive parents

5 Tips to Help a Child with Homework

  1. Set the regular homework-time
  2. Choose the right place for homework
  3. Get rid of all the possible distractions
  4. Prepare materials and show the resources
  5. Be the vivid example: interested and interesting

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