How To Optimize Your Video For Better Ranking On Google Search

How to Optimize Video for Better Ranking on Google Search

How To Optimize Your Video For Better Ranking On Google Search—Infographic

9 tips to optimize your video for better ranking:

  1. Video hosting platform: Choose the right video hosting platform.
  2. Video keyword research: Perform keyword research before making videos.
  3. VIdeo title optimization: The title should be attractive and relevant to the video.
  4. Video description: Engaging description attracts the customer to your video.
  5. Add appropriate tags: Tagging your video allows it to become more visible.
  6. Video transcript: Tell what message you want to deliver to your audience.
  7. Thumbnail image: Thumbnail images give people a glimpse of your videos.
  8. Video embedding: Choose the right video hosting platform.
  9. Go for video promotion: Now it's time to focus on improving video news.

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

53% of customers engage with a brand after watching a video on social media.

85% of all internet users in the USA watch online video content monthly on any of their devices.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support.

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