Attributes Of A Great OJT (On-the-Job Training) Trainer

Attributes Of A Great OJT (On-the-Job Training) Trainer Infographic

This infographic depicts the attributes of a great OJT trainer.

Trainees undergoing OJT are nervous and anxious, calming their nerves and anxiety is necessary at the start.
Giving the trainees the assurance that they will be taught to perform the task from start to end with your guidance will help the trainee to learn better as they now know that they have full guidance from a qualified trainer.

Knowing the Why of the tasks is a good motivating factor for the trainees to understand how the ability to perform these tasks contributes to the bigger picture.

When the OJT trainer demonstrates, it must be ensured that the trainee is standing at a spot that he can hear and see the full demonstration. Personal Protection Equipment if necessary must be donned to ensure the safety of the trainees. Do demonstrate at a slower pace and explain the steps as you perform. Pause at relevant steps to answer questions if any.

Allow the trainees to practise the tasks and observe carefully as they carry out the practice. Corrections must be immediate when you spot any mistakes or errors. Don't forget to compliment on the correct steps performed.

Once the trainee is able to perform the task himself/herself, congratulate his/her success.

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