The Nikola Tesla Infographic

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

There are many who don’t know who Nikola Tesla was.

He was less famous than Newton. He was less popular than Einstein and he was arguably less famous than his arch rival Thomas Edison.

But his work powers the device on which you are reading this. He set a milestone in the electrical industry by inventing the AC (alternating current) induction motor.

And to put it in his own words, he has always been a man ahead of time.

He could have become the richest person on the planet and the first person with a $1 billion net worth. Had he not ripped up that contract, today those same AC motor royalties would generate billions of dollars every year for Tesla’s relatives. Tesla’s 300 different patents brought him fame and incredible fortune in his lifetime. He would have died as a rich man!

While digging up this great man’s achievements, we got our hands on Tesla’s predictions about the 21st century world and decided to offer our tribute to this creative inventor by regaling the stories about what was and is in store for the future.

It is with good reason that one should show interest in the vision of legendary inventor for it has shown abundant resurgence in the past two decades. There is no doubt that the man was a genius. He was able to take so many ideas swirling around and turn them into instrumental inventions: both real and imagined. Tesla believed himself to be a futurist and thanks to his wondrous imagination that we get to live this digitally smart life. In the infographic above we’ve looked at some of his remarkably prescient predictions over the past few years.

These days’ the work that scientists and inventors do, make possible things that are unimaginable, allegedly impossible and light years away from reality. But Nikola Tesla may be credited for a large degree of credulity as to his future claims that seem unachievable only for a short period of time!

Coming back to Tesla and his predictions, the eminent electrical engineer once said, “I am confident that the inhabitants of Mars are trying to signal to this earth.” Because he was conducting experiments with the help of wireless telegraphy on one of the highest peaks of Rockies and discovered strange disturbances on Mars’s surface! Besides this he has a few more predictions that are yet to happen and they include, mind pictures, wireless transmission of energy, solar sails as a means of propulsion for spacecraft, invisibility, robotic nannies and many more.

Thanks to all publication centers and people who knew him, that were lucky enough to get into this brilliant inventors mind and way of thinking whom is believed by many to have created the modern 20th and 21st century. Wish this scientist who is still alive through his vision a very happy 158th birthday!

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