When Do You Need Performance Support For Corporate Training?

When Do You Need Performance Support For Corporate Training?-Infographic

Performance Support solutions come in handy when employees look to learn exactly at their moment of need. Here's when you need to include performance support in corporate training.

1. When Errors Have Serious Consequences

In critical tasks, even a single error by an employee can have serious consequences.

Use bite-sized videos to demonstrate each step in such tasks (such as cleaning a hazardous chemical spill).

2. When A Task Is Performed Infrequently

A task that's not performed frequently is difficult to remember even if employees are trained on it.

Use a checklist to help employees execute such tasks (fill a yearly evaluation form).

3. When There's A Lot To Remember

Use performance support tools to reduce cognitive load when employees need to remember a huge volume of information to handle their jobs effectively.

Provide standalone information nuggets (such as a flipbook on products, their features, and how each fares against competitors to sales professionals).

4. When The Job Involves High Employee Turnover

When employee turnover is huge, it's hard to train them effectively. In the retail industry, for instance, the seasonal workforce is hired for a couple of months.

Offer resources that aid learning (such as an infographic on the dos and don'ts of customer service to employees in customer-facing roles).

5. When A Task Involves Multiple Steps

When a task involves multiple, sequential steps employees need to remember the exact sequence to be followed.

Offer a flowchart that displays the steps in sequence (for example, steps to troubleshoot a piece of equipment).

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/performance-support-corporate-training-infographic
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