Profile Of A Modern Learner In 2018 Infographic

Profile Of A Modern Learner In 2018 Infographic

Profile Of A Modern Learner In 2018 Infographic

The modern learner...

Is Overwhelmed And Distracted

In a typical working week, they spend...

  • 33% in meetings
  • 25% on emails
  • 5% being interrupted
  • Has 1% set aside for learning

Is Keen On Learning

Learning is the #1 reason why people want to join organizations.

  • 94% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their career development.
  • Yet, only 15% can access learning directly relating to their job.

Wants Personalized, Timely, Quality Content

Users want content tailored to theirĀ needs... but it has to be the best

And they give just 7 seconds to decide if it's for them or not.

Learns As Needed, Anywhere, Anytime

  • 56% at the point of need
  • 48% evenings and weekends
  • 41%at their desk
  • 30% during breaks and at lunch
  • 28% on way to or from office

Turns To Their Phones

  • 96% Turn to their phones and search in moments of need
  • And check their phone 10 times an hour.

Prefers Learning To Be

  • 93%: On the job
  • 90%: Collaboration & knowledge sharing
  • 76%: Google and online resources
  • 74%: Manager support
  • 65%: Coaching and mentoring
  • 60%: Job aidsĀ & guides
  • 49%: Online self-study
  • 44%: Webinars
  • 40%: Videos

Most Values...

  • 78% Ease of use and navigation
  • 79% Quality
  • 77% Relevant and timely

Wants To Learn About...

  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills

Is Motivated To Learn

  1. For the love of learning
  2. To innovate more
  3. To keep up with changes
  4. To do Job Better
  5. To gain new skills
  6. To prepare for the future
  7. To gain a pay rise

Modern learners seek timely, relevant content as they need it. They are keen to develop skills and want to be empowered to take learning into their own hands.

Yet only 1% of employees are involved in the design of their learning. And less than 20% of workplace learning is mobile-enabled.

Find out about why we believe in people-centered eLearning and how it can help you meet the needs of modern learners.

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