How Media Affects Children Infographic

How Media Affects Children Infographic

How Media Affects Children Infographic

Today’s children are deeply impacted and consumed by media and technology. The How Media Affects Children Infographic provides a deeper look into the effects of media and technology on kids eight and under in the U.S.

Kids’ Exposure to Media

Percent of children ages 0-8 who have each item in their bedroom

  • TV 42%
  • DVD/VCR player 29%
  • Video game console player 11%
  • Computer 4%

Children under 2 spend over 2x the time watching TV and videos as reading books.

  • Average time spent on TV and Videos: 53 minutes/day
  • Average time spent reading books: 23 minutes/day

How do our children spend their time with digital media? (ages 0-8)

Average Time Spent With Media (ages 0-8) daily on each device

- Watching TV, DVDs, or videos

  • TV on a TV set 1:52
  • DVDs 1:35
  • TV/Videos on a computer :56
  • TV/Videos on a cell, iPod or iPad :40
  • Reading/being read to :47
  • Listening to music 1:12

- Playing media games

  • Console video games 1:15
  • Computer games :57
  • Handheld game player :59
  • Cell/iPod/iPad games :30

- Other computer activities

  • Educational software 1:01
  • Homework 1:20
  • Anything else :38
  • Using any screen media 2:58

Percentage of daycare centers that use TV during a typical day: 70%

Parental Concerns

  • 73% of parents who would like to limit their children's TV watching
  • 66% of parents talk to their child about the dangers of social media sites
  • 53% of parents count on their children to tell them if a problem occurs
  • 43% follow their children on the their social media sites
  • 39% set parental privacy settings

Top Parent's Concerns of Social Media's Impact on kids: ages 1-12

  • Violation of privacy 67%
  • Sexting/Inappropriate sexual behavior 64%
  • Cyber bullying/verbal abuse 56%
  • Identity theft/fraud 54%
  • Lack of ambition/enthusiasm 54%

42% were pessimistic, agreeing with a second statement that in 2020 young technology users would be easily distracted, lack deep thinking skills and thirst only for instant gratification

The Teacher's Perspective

  • 79% teachers use media and technology as a teaching tool
  • 74% say incorporating tablets into the classroom would be helpful to their students' learning
  • 26% say it would mainly be a distraction to learning

Percent of teachers who say students' media use has hurt their:

  • Attention Span 71%
  • Writing 58%
  • Face-to-face communication 59%
  • Homework 48%
  • Critical Thinking 42%

Teachers who say student's entertainment media use has a positive or negative effect:

  • sexualization: negative 67%; positive 3%; hasn't made a difference 28%
  • anti-social behaviors negative 61%; positive 2%; hasn't made a difference 34%
  • ideas about the value of education negative 48%; positive 6%: hasn't made a difference 44%
  • attitudes toward adults negative 61%; positive 2%; hasn't made a difference 34% Self-esteem negative 43%; positive 6%; hasn't made a difference 49%
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