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Massive Open Online Courses Trends 2013 Infographic

MOOCs in Higher Education Today 2013

  • 74% of schools currently offer some type of online course. 16% plan to offer one within 3 years.
  • 13% of schools currently offer a MOOC. 43% plan to offer one within 3 years, and 44% don’t plan to offer one at all.
  • 84% say that MOOCs complement residential education, while 16% say it competes.
  • A majority of respondents reported they thought that MOOCs were great for continuing education, non degree programs, technical training, and elective courses.
  • The biggest drawback was reported to be the lack of consistent review and grading for providing competencies.
  • 44% either currently offer credit for a MOOC or plan to in the future.
  • 83% would consider joining a MOOC group (like EdX or coursera)
  • Most (67%) still believe that MOOCs will never replace traditional education.

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