Using your LMS for Compliance Training Infographic

Using your LMS for Compliance Training Infographic

Using your LMS for Compliance Training Infographic

With the need to meet compliance requirements in today's highly regulated workplace, online training and the use of a Learning Learning Management System play a key role in delivering results at a low cost. The Using your LMS for Compliance Training Infographic presents 7 reasons you should be using your LMS to stay on top of your compliance training.

1. Your one stop shop

Your LMS will hold all of your training records, so evidence of training, competencies and certifications are just one click away wherever and whenever needed.

2. More than just training records

Regulatory bodies are looking for more than just training records and certifications. With Totara LMS you'll be able to provide evidence of understanding and records of observation for each of your learners.

3. Tailored to suit learners

Save time by personalising training content to the needs of your learners and their job roles. Dashboards can be tailored to each learner so that they only see the content they need to see.

4. Reporting has never been easier

Within your LMS you'll have the ability to:

  • save time by cloning existing reports & editing the details.
  • tailor reports to ensure that readers only see information relevant to them.
  • see course completions at a glance with graphical reporting.
5. Stay on track

By scheduling and tracking the training of your learners on the standard operating procedures, you'll be able to keep accurate records of individuals and their training plans.

6. Send reminders

If a certification has to be taken every few years, you can set up reminders to prompt learners and managers to come back to the LMS to re-certify on time.

7. A flexible approach

Powered by Totara LMS, Learning Pool offers a range of flexible solutions from delivery of eLearning and classroom- based training through to mapping skills and competencies to organisational strategies and integrating L&D with other business systems.

Find out how additional features and award winning support can make your Totara LMS experience really great.


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