8 Learning and Development Apps for Businesses Infographic

8 Learning and Development Apps for Businesses Infographic

8 Learning and Development Apps for Businesses Infographic

Currently, there's an app for almost every aspect of the workplace. The L&D industry gets quite a lot of attention from app developers, since modern employees put a “high importance” tag over the possibility to grow in their careers. Here are some Learning and Development Apps that make the lives easier for employed learners and trainers or instructional designers alike.

1. Udemy for Business

This is the offspring of Udemy, an app with millions of users and an advanced course library on very diverse subjects. Plenty of courses respond to the specific needs of professionals around the world. While the app itself is free of charge, some course fees may apply.

2. SkillPill

This app is a great example of microlearning and bite-sized content, providing short videos covering key business concepts. Learning new things for work is as easy and as fast as taking a pill, and this makes its users love it. What's more, it's free.

3. ATD trainer toolkit

This app is especially helpful for course designers. It offers more than 30 classroom and virtual training activities (some free of charge, others need to be purchased). The app also gives its users access to dozens of articles and book excerpts on proven training tactics and related subjects.

4. ATD publications

Created by the same Association for Talent Development, this app offers tons of information on trends, insights, best industry practices, or talent development news. Also, it allows users to access a variety of ATD publications. Again, we're talking about a free app.

5. Chief Learning Officer Magazine

As the name suggests, this app provides valuable resources for CLOs, and anyone with an interest in the L&D industry. Users have access to insightful articles on industry trends, training development, and instructional technology, to name just a few.

6. Lynda

LinkedIn's learning app for professionals, Lynda offers over 4,000 video tutorials on a plethora of subjects. Users can learn new business skills, from the most technical to the most creative. The app has some free courses for non-members, and a 30-day free trial.

7. Box

This is a productivity app that allows users to securely store and share all sorts of files, edit business documents, add comments, assign tasks, monitor customer activity, and more. It offers 10GB of free cloud storage, and it won the PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award.


The app allows its users to access the full features set of our learning management system, create courses, connect with students, track their progress, share resources, and even sell courses. It is a free app, and it's available both on Google Play, and on the App Store.

Via: https://www.matrixlms.com/info/learning_and_development_apps_for_businesses
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