Do You Know These Facts About Rapid eLearning?

Do You Know These Facts About Rapid eLearning?–Infographic

Rapid eLearning is not just a quick fix to plug training gaps. There's more to rapid learning. Here are some facts revealed.

1. Involves SMEs And Instructional Designers

SMEs work closely with Instruction Designers to:

  • Finalize course content
  • Share ideas on design
  • Review developed courses

IDs design courses in accordance with Instructional Design principles, keeping the learner profile and training requirements in mind.

2. Offers Different Types Of Solutions

Rapid eLearning is not just used for quick eLearning solutions. With a well-defined process in place it can be used for the following:

  • Convert ILT to eLearning
  • Convert Flash to HTML5
  • Develop eLearning translations

3. Does Not Compromise Quality

Rapid eLearning does not mean course quality is compromised. An agile, iterative process is followed for rapid eLearning development, and this includes quality checks at each stage of the project.

4. Uses Custom Templates

Templates are used in rapid eLearning for different screen layouts, interactivities, assessments, etc. But these templates do not have to be rigid, they can be customized according to the requirements of the course.

5. Offers Scope For Creativity

Creativity has a place in rapid eLearning, even though rapid eLearning courses are devoid of bells and whistles. This is made possible by following the principles of adult learning and Instructional Design.

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