Job Interview Checklist Infographic

Job Interview Checklist Infographic

Job Interview Checklist: Never Go Without These 10 Important Things

While you are walking an extra mile for the interview preparation, it is also important to make another preparation for that specific day so that you can give an interview without having anything to worry! The Job Interview Checklist Infographic presents the things that are essential to keep with you on the day of the interview.

Let’s make it easy for you, here is the infographic by that guides you ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT miss to carry these 10 important things with you to your interview and make a good impression which can help you to ace the interview.

Here is the highlight of the job interview checklist- you should never go without these 10 essential things:

  1. Extra copies of resume
  2. Professional notebook
  3. Few pens
  4. List of questions to be asked to interviewers
  5. Directions/map and contacts of interviewers
  6. Sample of your work/portfolio
  7. Small touch-up kit
  8. Only one bag
  9. Hard copy of job description
  10. Anything you have been asked to bring
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