Is Common Core Really the Answer? Infographic

The Common Core is a new (controversial) Education standard for K-12. It has been “voluntarily” implemented in all but 5 states. The Is Common Core Really the Answer? Infographic provides a deeper look into Common Core.

According to the infographic, teaching Common Core qualifies states for the $4.35 billion Federal Race to the Top program. The New Math standards in particular have caught flack from parents and press. Basically, the US wants to remain innovative relative to the rest of the world. Thus America needs to produce more STEM workers.

Key subjects for innovative thinking in a competitive future:

  • Understand complex problems
  • Pick them apart
  • Rethink them
  • Build solutions
  • In a way nobody has ever done it before

Decoding the New Math Changes:

  • New focus is understanding, not memorization
  • The process is graded as well as the answer
  • The answer is only the last of many equally important steps to understanding real world application for math.

Multiple Approaches:

  • Every student has a different optimal learning style
  • Real world applications of math come in many forms
  • So why should a math formula be taught in only one way?

New Math looks different than when we grew up, but the good news is, your kid is going to grow up and solve all your problems.

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