Why You Should Invest in Talent Management Infographic

Why You Should Invest in Talent Management Infographic

Why You Should Invest in Talent Management Infographic

Talent Management seems to be a bit of a fashionable buzzword for a lot of organizations. But is it really important or is it just another business fad? Talent Management covers a range of practices with the goal to recruit and keep the most talented and skilled employees available. Should you think more about managing talent? In short - yes! That is, if you don’t want to lose your best staff and most important assets to another organisation that invests in it's people. Still need convincing? The Why You Should Invest in Talent Management Infographic peresnts 10 reasons why you should invest in talent management.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Talent Management

1. Get the right person for the job

When you look at people's skills and strengths, you’ll see a best fit for each role. Competency mapping used in talent management allows you to take stock of skills in your organization. This results in both increased productivity and job satisfaction.

2. Empower and impassion your staff

If you view staff simply as a number, you need to realize that they know this. On the other hand, if you value them, invest in them and their future, they will work for the greater good of the organization rather than just a pay check.

3 . Encourage loyalty

You’ll encourage loyalty from your staff (especially important with the younger generation). People now prefer flat organizational hierarchies, build careers around jobs and want a clear performance management system.

4. Close the organizational skills gap

The performance difference between talented people and those with less talent is huge. Employees and how they are managed is an important source of organizational competencies and strengths.

5. Retain top talent

Beware of losing your best staff to your competitors! Focus should be on employee retention programs and strategies to develop and engage staff, therefore keeping quality people.

6. Make fewer hiring mistakes

The quality of an organization is, quite simply, the quality of staff it has. Many talent management programs implement hiring assessments as part of the recruitment and selection process.

7. Understand your staff better

Employee assessments give great insights about your team. This helps in planning personal development as you will understand their needs, career aspirations and strengths and weaknesses.

8. Make better professional development decisions

This benefits your team and your company. When you get to know who has high potential, it becomes easier to invest in their future professional development and to align these plans with your company vision.

9. Employees will feel valued

Having a strong talent management culture also determines how employees rate their organizations as workplaces and how much they feel part of the culture. Your employees will feel valued and therefore motivated.

10. Increase staff confidence

If employees are positive about your talent management practices, they are more likely to believe the vision of the organization. The result is a workforce that is engaged, committed and determined to do what is best for your company.

Mananging talent with Totara LMS

Puttinlg emphasis in the person not the course, Totara LMS allows you to better manage performance right across your organization. This is a solution for aligning talent development with organizational strategies to meet the challenge of moving towards a performance management culture.

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Via: http://www.learningpool.com/10-reasons-you-should-invest-talent-management
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