Innovations in Reading Infographic

Innovations in Reading Infographic

Innovations in Reading Infographic

The National Book Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote reading and great literature. Their team has published the Innovations in Reading Infographic which lists organizations that inspire people to read and engage new audiences with literature.

The Innovations in Reading Infographic was prepared to support and promote the Innovations in Reading Prize. Every year, $10,000 is awarded to an organization or individual whose work is vital in promoting reading, through “vision, ingenuity, transformation, achievement & leadership.” The $10,000 Winner of the 2015 Innovations in Reading Prize is Reach Incorporated, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that hires struggling teen readers as reading tutors for elementary school students.

Since 2009, The National Book Foundation’s Innovations in Reading Prize has honored 34 reading advocates who’ve made a vital difference worldwide. These honorees have a big impact! They have put over 1 million books in the hands of underserved communities, awarded over $1 million to education and literacy projects, and built over 100 new libraries in low-income neighborhoods.

In particular:

Honorees from all across the country








Interesting Facts
Empowering the Populations That Need It Most


  • Street Books, a bicycle-powered mobile library, has served more than 1,800 people living outside, providing them with more than 2,000 books.
  • Lilli Leight’s “Giving Library” is located the Chapman Partnership’s Family Resource Center, which serves approximately 1,000 homeless children and their families each year.


  • Over 1.5 million military service members and their children have participated in United Through Reading, a program which uses technology to help deployed service members read books to their kids back home.
  • Books on Bases has held readings and provided books to nearly 120,000 military children worldwide.



  • Since 2011, The Uni Project has deployed 190 pop-up reading rooms in nearly 50 neighborhoods all across NYC.
  • In Memphis, where nearly 50% of children live below the poverty line, Real Men Read volunteers have read books to over 6,000 toddlers.
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