4 Ingredients Of Instruction: Recipe For Effective Online Training

4 Ingredients of Instruction – Recipe for Effective Online Training

4 Ingredients Of Instruction: Recipe For Effective Online Training—Infographic

Is there a recipe you can use to roll out online training that's effective? Well, the good news is, there is, provided you pay attention to the 4 ingredients of instruction. So, what exactly are these 4 ingredients of instruction?

1. Content Is The Key Ingredient

The base of any recipe for effective online training is its content. Analyze the knowledge and skill requirements of the job and the current knowledge and skill levels of the learners who will be taking the course to decide on what content needs to be included in the online training. To avoid dumping all the information provided by the SME or technical expert, keep in mind what learners should be able to do with this content.

2. Learning Objectives Impart Flavor

Learning objectives form the basis of designing the assessments included in the course. When you do not know what the performance outcome should be, effective online training cannot be delivered.

3. Instructional Methods Add Sugar And Spice

The ingredient that takes care of promoting learning is the method of instruction. Different instructional methods are used depending on the type of content and learners. Instructional methods include techniques used to display information and practice exercises or formative assessments with feedback.

4. Instructional Media Forms The Topping

It is important to pay attention to the instructional media that will be used in the training. A few examples of instructional media are animations, videos, scenarios, simulations, static images, infographics, etc. The cost involved in developing that media, and also the way learners access the course should be kept in mind before using any of the instructional media.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/effective-online-training-recipe-infographic
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