How To Improve Learner Engagement In eLearning

How To Improve Learner Engagement In eLearning—Infographic

Hosting a whole lot of eLearning resources on your LMS does not guarantee learner engagement in eLearning. Here are 7 ways to promote learner engagement.

1. Make eLearning A priority

If you're just getting started with eLearning implementation present an impressive business case to the top management. Pay careful thought to your online training strategy. Inculcate the habit of accessing eLearning courses on-demand.

2. Align Online training With Performance Reviews

The areas of improvement identified during a performance appraisal can be analyzed to see if online training can provide a solution. Consider the completion of online training programs as a performance matrix to be evaluated in performance appraisals.

3. Customize And Personalize eLearning

Offer online training that's customized to address the pain points of learners. Presenting the same content in diverse formats is one way to personalize the learning experience. Give learners the choice to pick a format that works for them.

4. Involve Influencers To Promote eLearning

Identify an eLearning champion who can influence employees to get started on eLearning. Choose someone who is an influential leader, is proactive, tech-savvy, and committed to organizational goals.

5. Providing A Mix Of Learning Formats

Presenting content in different formats increases learner engagement. Videos, podcasts, infographics, quizzes, webinars, interactive PDFs and eBooks are a few examples of learning formats.

6. Measure The Impact Of eLearning

When learners notice tangible returns on their efforts to learn, they are sure to engage better with eLearning. Track employee performance before and after the training.

7. Market The eLearning Initiative

Create a buzz around your eLearning initiative. Try emails, learning events, videos, signage, marketing campaigns, contests and more with your organization to boost employee engagement with eLearning.

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