How to Improve L&D Performance in 2015 Infographic

How to Improve L&D Performance in 2015 Infographic

How to Improve L&D Performance in 2015 Infographic

How do you add business value through learning? What makes an L&D professional effective? Each year, Kineo surveys leaders in L&D for their Learning Insights Report. This year's report highlights the importance of applied learning in helping businesses add value through learning, along with emerging trends and insights in the learning and technology industry. Based on these interviews, the How to Improve L&D Performance in 2015 Infographic serves as a brief checklist in the form of an infographic to help L&D professionals maximize their opportunities 2015.

7 Tips to Improve L&D Performance in 2015

1. Be a Consultant 

This has always been on the list, but if you’re going to create learning that's aligned and applied to performance challenges, you've got to be really close to the beating heart of your business.

Sniff the wind, know what's causing the pains for your internal stakeholders, and come up with the solutions.

2. Be a Marketer

If you’re going to stand out in noisy communication channels, look at how multi-channel advertising campaigns work. Concepts like retargeting and social signals – these should become part of the new professionals' extended vocabulary.

3. Cut the Fat

I wish that compliance course was 20 minutes longer said no one, ever. Set a goal to lose 20% of your content weight next year. Can't do it? Get an editor..

4. Design for your Extended Team

Virtual and remote working is the new normal. Make sure you're considering these audiences fully in how and where you place learning and communications.

5. Power up Your Peers

You have an army of coaches waiting to be awakened. Create an environment that supports peer learning. Equip people with tools to support and share with each other – Yammer costs nothing to try,

6. Watch the Signal to Noise Ration

More channels and more resources means more noise. It can be hard to hear best stories if there's too much interference. Learn how to curate and use tools (like RSS feeds) to help.

7. Measure Up: Set KPIs for Training

ROI does matter. Don’t wait for anyone else to define your L‘Oreal O moment. Prove you are worth it by investing in measurement. Yes, it takes time. But it matters. Work backwards from the change the business wants to see and find the metrics you can influence. It should define everything you do. If you can't measure the change, why do it?

Download the full Learning Insights Report from here.

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