The Importance of Project Management Training Infographic

The Importance of Project Management Training Infographic

Why do you Need Project Management Training?

Project management is gaining a lot more traction across the globe, and the interest in this methodology to work on projects is here to stay as enterprises across the globe see the value of it. Professionals who have been trained in project management certifications are in great demand around the world. Project management certifications like PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, PRINCE2, MSP and P3O are some of the globally-recognized certifications.

Organizations that incorporated project management training boosted their project success rate by 26%. Projects that met all of the organizational objectives provided 2X the amount of training and without the training the projects failed or partly succeeded.

According to PMI, 67% of project managers believe that project management training contributes to better project performance across all business KPIs.

In fact, the project accuracy rates with regards to scope, business benefits and quality increase drastically with project management training and projects are completed successfully.

In the face of technological evolution, the need for project management best practices is more than ever. Organizations that train their employees in project management knowledge will be able to achieve sustainable growth. With project management tools being incorporated for projects across the globe, employees need to understand the methodology and incorporate them in their projects to achieve a higher success rate.

Organizations that allocated 7% of their budget towards project management training completed their projects successfully than the organizations that allocated only 4% towards training.

Lessons Learned

Even though your organization has robust processes that have been refined all these years, it is up to you to improve them further.

Establish project management best practices in your organization and train your employees in the same to get the most out of your projects.

Invensis Learning specializes in providing globally-recognized certification training courses such as PMP, CAPM, PRINCE2, ITIL Foundation, ITIL MALC, MSP, P3O, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Cloud Computing. We also offer other certification courses related to ITSM, Quality Management, Project Management, Program Management and Technology Training.

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