Implementing Effective Mobile Learning Infographic

It is exciting to see the growth of mobile learning, and its importance, over recent years. The new and accessible mobile technology is one reason why we see mlearning on a large scale.

The Implementing Effective Mobile Learning Infographic contains some very interesting facts about mobile learning in our world today. As you would have guessed, the use of mobile learning will only increase in the years to come, and by quite a big margin. As the mobile market increases, so does the innovation, accessibility, and overall use. It has been reported that 70% of business will implement mlearning in the next two years.

One thing that must happen is that mobile technology must play nice with the programs used to create elearning modules – the same ones launched by learning management systems in educational settings and in business. In the same way, the rapid elearning development programs need to understand their compatibility with mobile devises.

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