How to Use the PAF Model to Improve Training and e-Learning Infographic

The How to Use the PAF Model to Improve Training and e-Learning Infographic presents the PAF Model. In this model, “PAF” stands for Presentation, Application, and Feedback. The success of this model involves creating a proper blend.

  • Presentation
    In this phase of the approach, learners are presented the content – be it in PowerPoint, programs like Articulate Storyline, through job aids, lectures, or videos .
  • Application
    In a controlled fashion, create an environment where users can apply the new information that was just presented. This is often a good time to implement simulations.
  • Feedback
    Based on the performance in the Application phase, give the users feedback on what they did well and the areas they can focus on for improvement. This real-time feedback allows for early alterations in behavior for increased performance improvement.

In general, it is best to have a great proportion of your training (elearning or live-presentations) involve more Application and Feedback than Presentation. People tend to learn best when they are “doing” rather than listening.

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