How to Become a Better 21st Century Teacher Infographic

21st century teacher and 21st century skills have been some of the most prevalent buzz words in education lately. But what is 21st century teaching? And better yet—how does one create a 21st century learning environment? Well, contrary to popular belief, a 21st century education is not all about web tools, apps and devices. Sure, technology plays a key role, but there are other core competencies in addition to reading, writing and arithmetic that are essential if students are going to thrive in today’s world: critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication and of course, digital literacy. In a true 21st century setting, teachers are facilitators, guides, and co-investigators while students are producers, apprentices, and co-explorers. That said, are you ready to morph into or become an even better 21st century educator? The How to Become a Better 21st Century Teacher Infographic provides 27 ways you can a modern teacher.

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