Trends in Higher Education Infographic

Trends in Higher Education Infographic

Trends in Higher Education Infographic

A number of challenges and opportunities are arising as new trends enter the higher education landscape.

Online Learning

Online learning options are growing and fundamentally changing the higher education industry. Higher education leaders are finding that more and more students appreciate the flexibility as well as the time and money options that are associated with online classwork. Further, institutions are able to grow through online course options by increasing enrollment and securing long term success.

Accountability and ROI

Students and families are scrutinizing education options more closely, focusing more on career and salary implications of chosen programs and institutions. This shift toward ROI will likely persist for the foreseeable future, and will continue to impact student enrollment choices.

Internet and Mobile Technology

The internet and growing mobile technologies associated with it have changed how people consume and interact content. Naturally, this has also impacted the classroom, and the way that students learn. For instance, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a new trend that finds people bringing their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other learning technologies both to school and work.

Learning Analytics

An increasing number of institutions are using data analysis to analyze learning behaviors. This allows them to design learning experiences and interventions that better ensure individual student success.

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