Health And Safety Training: Online Vs Classroom

Health And Safety Training Online Vs Classroom Infographic

Health And Safety Training: Online Vs Classroom Infographic

The Internet has made products and knowledge more accessible than we ever imagined. Being fans of the Internet, we’ve created an online health & safety training center with the goals of being affordable and convenient so no Canadian businesses have to risk of not training their people.

We’re honest people and to say that everything can be done online is a lie. Classroom training will always exist because there are instances where you need hands on experience such as operating machinery or certain tools. At the end of the day, a blended solution is usually best for most companies and it’s up to those in charge of health & safety to create a program that works for their organization. The smart and cost-effective way is to perform health & safety training online where you can and utilize classroom training for any hands-on requirements. Below we’ve summarized the main comparison points between online and in-class training. Read on to see if adding an online component to your health & safety program would make sense for your company.

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