What Makes A Global Language Leader Infographic

What Makes A Global Language Leader Infographic

What Makes A Global Language Leader Infographic

What makes a leader in language learning? Many businesses and academic institutions are challenged to find a solution or program that truly fits their needs. No two learners are the same: some learn faster, some have strong speaking abilities, others prefer 1:1 tutor support. Equally, many teachers and HR experts seek expert advice and learner support when adopting e-Learning. Check out the What Makes A Global Language Leader Infographic to explore what makes for the strongest and most effective online language learning solutions.

Although Rosetta Stone has been a primary source of corporate learning for years, many people still don’t know that Rosetta Stone even has products designed around the specific needs of the business world.

The infographic displays what make Rosetta Stone products so effective in the workplace, and the success our customers have experienced. To start, Rosetta Stone has a presence on every continent (other than Antarctica), meaning that a solution to your individual situation is not far away from your business’s offices. Over 9,000 government and non-profit agencies and more than 12,000 businesses have partnered with Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone is available online, which means the learning is available anytime, anywhere—especially through mobile apps. This means the busy globetrotting professional can still experience the benefits of language learning without affecting their lifestyle.

That being said, in-person tutors are always available. They are highly trained native speakers of the language in which they are tutoring. They work in concert with the learning that is happening online, giving an extra layer of support and practice so users can have the best of both worlds.

The bottom line is that the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite for enterprise solutions works.

  • 88% of our learners whose target language was English (an important market for anyone looking to do business in the increasingly multicultural US) boosted their job performance.
  • 75% of learners surveyed believe our training is directly relevant to the work they do.
  • 57% of learners said their language training has helped them serve more customers.

It could be your customers who are benefiting from your employees’ language skills. Language learning is no longer the domain of the road warrior and international companies. It’s just smart business for organizations large and small, no matter where they are in the world.

Via: http://corporate.rosettastone.com/language-leader
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