How to Get Kids Excited about Reading Infographic

How to Get Kids Excited about Reading Infographic

How to Get Kids Excited about Reading Infographic

More and more parents realize that getting their kids to read becomes a real challenge. The How to Get Kids Excited about Reading Infographic presents the ways parents can facilitate the process of teaching children to read.

1. Read to your toddlers early and often.
Songs and nursery rhymes are a great way to attract kids’ interest. Make it a fun, interactive activity by teaching them to clap hands in time to the rhyming words and accented syllables. Talk about the meaning of short stories. Get kids involved in the plot and characters.

2. Use a multi-factorial approach.
Introduce kids to cloth books, colorful books, pop-up books, and other kinds where they can explore the story through several types of media. Play audio recorded stories and/or a DVD or video medium of a story being told or acted out.

3. Model reading for your children.
Let them see you read on a regular basis. Discuss the books you read, or even age-suitable news stories.

4. As children move into elementary school, encourage them to rewrite scenes from their favorite stories with a twist. Have them write their own short stories, keeping in mind their handwriting may be awkward, and the stories, very simple.

5. Ask kids in upper elementary grades to research a favorite author.
Discuss how they would envision the story differently if the child had written it, or was the main character.

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