Future Trends In K-12 Education Infographic

The above findings are part of our December 2013 report "Future Trends In K-12 Education." For this report, Hanover turned to a wide range of literature sources to outline topics such as personalized learning practices and online and hybrid learning trends. Throughout the report, Hanover provides concrete examples of the future of K-12 education through profiles of innovative schools and districts already employing technology and pedagogical approaches that will be increasingly common in the future. To download the full report, visitĀ http://www.hanoverresearch.com/insights/future-trends-in-k-12-education/

For a large and printable version of theĀ Future Trends In K-12 Education Infographic please click Here

Via: http://www.hanoverresearch.com/media/Future-K12-Trends-Infographic-Final.png
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