Five Step Framework for Design Thinking Infographic

Five Step Framework for Design Thinking Infographic

Five Step Framework for Design Thinking Infographic

Design thinking is the application of a designer’s mindset to problem solving, with an emphasis on human interaction. While the issues they tackle may vary, design thinkers systematically apply the same principles to deliver innovative solutions. The Five Step Framework for Design Thinking Infographic shows how you can solve problems through design thinking.

Step 1: Empathize.
Learn about the audience for which you are designing. Understand their values and usage context. Determine the articulated and unarticulated motivations behind their decisions.

Step 2: Define.
Develop personas based on demographics, goals and objectives.

Step 3: Ideate.
Brainstorm a myriad of ideas while suspending all judgment and encouraging CREATIVITY. Generate, dream, take risks. Be savvy.

Step 4: Prototype
Create a sketch, build a 3D model, role play a scene that will quickly and affordably test your assumptions about people, materials, and processes.

Step 5: Test
LEARN what works and what doesn't. Go back to the prototype and modify it based on results and feedback. ITERATE so the project team can learn big lessons as early as possible.

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