How To Find The Right Outsourcing Partner

How To Find The Right Outsourcing Partner—Infographic

Have you decided to outsource your custom eLearning development? Hordes of eLearning vendors are available in countries such as India and China. The trick, however, is to make an informed decision.

Here is what the partner should bring to the table:

1. Custom eLearning Expertise

A vendor whose core business is developing eLearning courses is your best bet. Look for a strong background in training and Instructional Design.

2. Instructional Design

The vendor's Instructional Designers must have the expertise to work on a wide range of subjects. They should design courses that appeal to adult learners.

3. Proficiency In Using Authoring Tools

The vendor must have a pool of experts proficient in multiple authoring tools. Ensure they can offer scalability and quality, sticking to your budget and timelines.

4. Efficient Project Management

The vendor needs to have in place well-established Project Management tools and processes. Check if they follow agile processes to smooth the outsourcing process.

5. Additional Services

Look for a vendor who also offers translation and LMS services. This will eliminate the hassle of you working with multiple vendors.

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