Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Successful Leadership Infographic

Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Successful Leadership Infographic

Emotional Intelligence: The Key To Successful Leadership Infographic

Conventional wisdom holds that business success is a simple product of hard skills, clear thinking, and bold risk-taking.

Recent research suggests that emotional intelligence-sometimes derided as "soft"-is a key ingredient in a leader's effectiveness and the success of a project or business. By seeking out employees with high emotional intelligence, businesses can position themselves to succeed in today's economy.

Pure Intelligence Is Not The Key To Success

  • People with the highest IQs outperform those with average IQs only 20% of the time.
  • 90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence.
  • People with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time.

Emotional Intelligence accounted for 58 % of success in jobs, by far the strongest predictor of success when tested alongside 33 other workplace skills.

Better Job Performance

Over 80% of the competencies that differentiate top performing employees are related to EI
Job performance and EI are so linked that every point increase in EI adds $ 1,300 to an annual salary.

Increased Sales

At Fortune 500 companies, sales employees with high EI outperformed those with low-to-average levels by 50%.

Financial advisors for American Express trained in emotional competence increased business by 18.1%

Increased Productivity

Programmers in the top 10% of EI competencies produce new software three times faster.
93% of employees increased productivity in a Motorola manufacturing facility after receiving training in stress management and EI.

Improved Retention

Retention of sales staff increased by 67% after EI assessments were implemented, saving the company over $30 million.

More Positive Workplace

Supervisors of a manufacturing plant received emotional competence training and subsequently reduced lost-time accidents by 50%, reduced formal grievances by 80% per year and exceeded productivity goals by $250000.

Via: http://blog.ndimdelhi.org/emotional-intelligence-the-key-to-successful-leadership/
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