10 eLearning Trends That Will Dominate In 2020

10 eLearning Trends That Will Dominate In 2020

10 eLearning Trends That Will Dominate In 2020—Infographic

The eLearning market is exploding right now and is expected to reach $300 billion by 2025. We have asked 10 eLearning industry experts about their outlook for 2020. Here are the top eLearning trends to watch.

1. Curriculum As A Community

Curriculum as a community has to do with online collaborative activities.

Curriculum as a community is a trend that will really help you stand out in a crowded market and achieve real learning results—Jeff Cobb.

In 2020, there will continue to be a lot of talk about peer-to-peer applications that drive collaborative learning—Bill Brandon.

2. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is when learners develop content and share it with their peers. It can refer to videos, blog posts, testimonials, pictures, tweets, eBooks, and any type of content.

Learners are more likely to participate if there's a sense of community. If they know that their content makes a difference and helps everyone achieve shared goals—Christopher Pappas.

3. Smart Content Curation

You need to be smart about how you curate content online and disperse it to your target audience.

Users demand great aesthetics, outstanding design and typography, and expertly-designed user journeys—Panos Siozos.

Follow the 3 Os of content curation for best results: organize curated content, omit irrelevant ideas, optimize content to enhance the real-world value—Christopher Pappas.

People are evolutionarily hardwired for stories. Stories engage us in emotional, shocking, funny, and memorable ways, so information sticks—Poppy Hill.

4. Emphasis On The Instructional Designer

The Instructional Designer is the unsung hero in many organizations.

The Instructional Designer, and the support and guidance they need, is going to be very important for Learning and Development for 2020—and beyond—as organizations learn just what is possible when their designers are properly supported—David Hopkins.

5. Interactive Videos

A rising trend within video learning is interactive videos.

Videos fast became the ideal medium to deliver training. A well-crafted video can be distributed relatively quickly. Also, interactive videos as platforms that allow this become more prevalent—Phil Mayor.

All authoring tools will add more video capabilities, including video bookmarking, transcript, and low-scale video editing—Craig Weiss.

6. Learning Analytics

With learning analytics, instructors can see how students perform, monitor their progress, and gather feedback.

Data will play an increasingly important role in eLearning, whether it's generated automatically via the likes of xAPI or sourced via more natural methods to inform the work we do and evaluate the outcomes—Ryan Tracey.

Expect to see more systems incorporating or connecting with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, which will result in extensive metrics and data—Craig Weiss.

7. Microlearning

Microlearning refers to small bite-sized chunks of information that aim at teaching specific skills.

Not only does microlearning empower workers but it also enables employers to close knowledge and skill gaps. Modern organizations need to offer personalized and bite-sized courses/training—Barbara Anna Zielonka.

Innovation and novelties are what most people pay attention to, but there is also a lot of recycling—in the best sense possible—of good old ideas that get a new lease of life and find their way into modern practice—Panos Siozos.

8. Mobile-Friendly Online Course Platforms

The ability to learn anywhere, anytime is more real now than ever before. This is why mobile-friendly platforms are so important.

Every time we check out the analytics of our platform, we see more growth for mobile usage. Users access their online courses anywhere, anytime. That's why it's imperative in 2020 to invest in a totally mobile-friendly platform to host your online courses—Panos Siozos.

9. Virtual Conferences

A virtual conference occurs entirely online rather than in a physical location.

Conferences that take place completely online have been around for years, but the growing focus on environmental issues along with declining attendance at many traditional face-to-face events will push organizations to take this format much more seriously—Jeff Cobb.

10. AI, AR, VR, MR, And VUIS

User Experience is being influenced by advances in technology. AI, AR, VR, MR, and VUIs are expected to attract more attention.

There will continue to be a lot of talk about leading-edge technology (VR, AR, AI) and some adoption of it, but the actual trend will be better design and use of voice interfaces (VUIs)—Bill Brandon.

Virtual Reality is used to show real-life examples of things the learner may not be able to experience first hand—Poppy Hill.

Via: https://www.learnworlds.com/elearning-trends/
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