Do You Know What eLearning Localization Is All About?

Do You Know What eLearning Localization Is All About?-Infographic

eLearning Localization: What You Need To Know

Along with eLearning translation, localization is equally important. Here's what you need to know:

What Is eLearning Localization?

eLearning localization is all about adapting content to a specific location and its culture. Here are a few examples of elements in eLearning courses that can be localized:

  • Images, photos, symbols
  • GUI
  • Fonts
  • Units of measurement, dates, currency

Why Is eLearning Localization Necessary?

  • It takes care of cultural nuances and makes eLearning content relatable to learners
  • Eliminates cultural differences
  • Boosts knowledge retention
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention is improved when learners come across images, example, or even colors aligned with their culture

How Do You Localize eLearning?

  • Focus not only on the language but also the design. Even the choice of colors and fonts matter.
  • Know your target audience. Find out their cultural preferences, preferred tone, and style of writing.
  • Identify if there's a need for localization before you begin eLearning development. This can save time and money.
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