Building An eLearning Business Case Infographic

Building An eLearning Business Case Infographic

Building An eLearning Business Case Infographic

The eLearning Business Case for a Learning and Development or Training Team often stems from a specific need, and the key to success is to engage with all interested parties as early as possible. This ensures you support what needs to be achieved in the short term, whilst still considering the long-term goals, without adding huge costs.

In many organisations, there will be silos of different teams or projects that have already invested in eLearning tools to meet their own specific requirements. It may be possible to wrap up all the existing Content into a Learning Management System (LMS), providing there is some consistency throughout. It may even be necessary to identify the defacto enterprise tool and redevelop all the existing Content.

When external partners are retained their focus is very much on completing the learning project and moving on. With a limited budget and tight timelines, corners might be cut just to meet deadlines, even though this could be the organization’s first introduction to eLearning and the specific learning topics.

Management of external partners and internal teams is crucial to ensure successful adoption of an enterprise-wide eLearning solution. In many instances, the need for action—a strategy of sorts—arrives in the inbox of someone in Training or Learning and Development. The first step in developing an eLearning Business Case is to consider the business requirements. This infographic presents the eight key considerations for a business when preparing their business case.

But in a few words, what you should pay attention to are actually the 8 major things stated below:

  1. Timeframe
  2. Content
  3. Reporting
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Existing Tools
  6. Sponsor
  7. Budget
  8. Learners

Take a look at the infographic above and learn all about the ways you can build an eLearning business case easily and in a timely manner.

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