How To Be Effective When Studying Infographic

Effective When Studying Infographic

How To Be Effective When Studying Infographic

Do you use apps to help with your studying? Using technology in the right way can be extremely useful and it can help you become a more effective student.

As we all learn in different ways finding the right tools can be difficult. This infographic shows a selection of 20 apps, tips, tools and techniques that can help you in different areas of the learning process, depending on your specific problems.

You will find apps to help you with:

  1. Writing in a more structured way
  2. Wasting less hours on social media networks
  3. Creating listings and bookmarking
  4. Using music to increase attention
  5. Rewarding yourself to be more productive
  6. Power up virtually anywhere and use remaining time
  7. Organizing complicated schedules
  8. Researching and saving highlights
  9. Inspiration to develop ideas
  10. Organising your tasks to get things done
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